What is a CT Calcium Score?

A CT Calcium score is a very low radiation test for the detection and quantification of calcified plaques in the coronary arteries. The quantification of calcium in the coronary arteries is almost always a direct indicator of coronary artery disease.

What will happen during the examination?

Our receptionist will greet you and collate your information. You will then be taken to our preparation area and the staff will explain the procedure and ask you to change into a gown.

You will go into the CT suite and lay down on the scanner bed and some sticky dots will be placed on your chest. These are used to monitor your heart. You will be asked to hold your breath for the scan. The actual scan itself is about one second and usually the whole process will be completed in around 10 minutes.

What is the Preparation?

The preparation is very simple for a CT Calcium Score scan. When you are referred for a CT Calcium Score scan only there is no need to fast entirely.

The only instruction is that you should not have caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks or chocolate) or smoke during the 12 hours before your appointment.

Are there any risks?

You will receive a small dose of x-ray radiation. The benefits of detecting disease are believed to outweigh any potential risks from receiving such a small dose. However, please advise the radiographer if you are, or think you may be pregnant.

After the examination

After the scan we use powerful 3D computer workstations to evaluate the source data, generate images and create anatomic displays of the vessels which the Cardiologist (a specialist doctor) uses to produce the examination report.

The scan processing and reporting takes more time than other radiology procedures due to the complicated imaging required. For your convenience we can generally deliver the imaging and report to your referring doctor and general practitioner within a few days. We suggest you make an appointment with your doctor within a few days of your scan.